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Thiaxanthen (Tremonil - Wander) is recommended for Parkinsonism of any cause, for residual symptoms following neurosurgical procedures and for senile tremor. It is claimed not only to be particularly effective against tremor, but also to reduce rigidity and to have a “beneficial action on the psychic and autonomic disturbances often present in” Parkinsonism. Unfortunately thiaxanthen seems to be more effective in controlling fine tremor in Parkinsonism than in controlling the coarse tremor which is so much commoner. When tremor is reduced it may recur after 1 – 2 months, when it will fail to respond to increased dosage (K. Hartmann-v. Monakow, Schweiz. med. Wschr. 1960, 90, 1070). Tremor may also on occasion be worsened by thiaxanthen (H. P. Schulz, Med. Klin. 1961, 56, 2174). The drug has antihistamine and atropine-like effects. It is chemically related to chlorprothixene (Taractan - Roche), reviewed in The Medical Letter, Brit. ed. 1962, 1, 57.

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