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‘Coping with disablement’: a new consumer publication


This paperback will be published by Consumers’ Association at the end of March. It deals with the non-medical aspects of disablement, concentrating on aids and methods to help someone disabled cope with everyday life. The book is intended as much for those who have become handicapped by increasing age, as for those suffering from a disabling illness or incapacitated after an accident or a stroke. There are sections on how to manage in the bathroom, the lavatory, the bedroom, on dressing and clothes, cooking and eating, housework, walking and sitting, and on rearrangements to make the home easier and safer for the disabled person to live in (from moving light switches to installing an overhead hoist or an emergency call system). One section goes in detail into the choice and use of a wheelchair, another discusses cars and activities outside the home. The book explains about the services available from the local authority and from the NHS through the new area health authorities, and outlines the scope of various voluntary organisations.

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