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Paints for warts: salicylic acid collodion BNF


A reader has pointed out that our article on paints for warts (December 9, 1977, p. 97) should have included the BNF preparation, Salicylic Acid Collodion (salicylic acid 12% in flexible collodion). It differs from Salactol and Duofilm in that it contains no lactic acid, and 12% instead of about 17% salicylic acid. Clinical trials with it have not been published, but its ingredients suggest that it should be effective. It seems likely that a higher concentration of salicylic acid than 12% would increase the efficacy of the paint. The contribution of lactic acid is uncertain; if it prevents complete drying of the collodion film it might facilitate the release of salicylic acid to the skin. Controlled trials are needed, and reformulation of the paint should be considered when the BNF is revised.

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