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A triphasic oral contraceptive: logynon and trinordiol


Two identical new oral contraceptives have recently been introduced in Britain, Logynon (Schering) and Trinordiol (Wyeth). These formulations are described as triphasic because in each cycle tablets of three different dosages are taken in sequence. Each pack contains 21 tablets, one to be taken daily, with a week’s break between courses. The course consists of six tablets of 50 mcg levonorgestrel (L) + 30 mcg ethinyloestradiol (E); five tablets of 75 mcg L + 40 mcg E; and ten tablets of 125 mcg L + 30 mcg E. A 28-day ED (every day) pack of Logynon contains in addition seven inert tablets. The triphasic contraceptive is claimed to provide reliable contraception with fewer unwanted effects than other pills.

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