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Treatment of haemorrhoids


Some months ago1 Dunster Laboratories introduced ‘Coprol’ as a new preparation for the oral treatment of haemorrhoids. It is claimed that after a few days' treatment haemorrhoids and anal fissures begin to heal naturally. The active constituent is sodium di-2 ethylhexyl sulphonylsuccinate which is said to be a non-toxic stool softening agent. Very recently Horlicks have joined the fight against haemorrhoids with Norval, an oral preparation which contains dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate and is claimed to “reduce the tendency to haemorrhoidal bleeding”. The natural history of piles is very variable, and oral treatments of this type can only be of value when haemorrhoids are accompanied by constipation. Preparations containing dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate alone or in combination with another drug are also made by Medo-Chemicals, Crookes and Astra-Hewlett, but are not claimed to affect piles.

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