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Vasodilator drugs and peripheral vascular disorders


Many drugs are claimed to be effective vasodilators which can improve blood flow in peripheral vascular disorders. Among them are noradrenaline antagonists such as tolazoline (Priscol - Ciba), azapetine (Ilidar - Roche) and phenoxybenzamine (Dibenyline - SKF), and drugs which act directly on the smooth muscle of blood vessels, such as isoxsuprine (Duvadilan - Crookes; Dilavase - Organon), nicotinyl alcohol (Ronicol - Roche), and cyclandelate (Cyclospasmol - Camden). Nicotinic acid, papaverine and ethyl alcohol are also used as vasodilators. Claims that cyclandelate and certain other drugs are indicated in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease will be discussed in a future issue.

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  • * Based on material published on March 13, 1964 in The Medical Letter, New York.