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Tests on disposable and re-usable needles part I - disposable needles


The Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin carried out a series of tests on all brands of disposable needles available in October, 1963 (see Table I). Our tests were intended to assess and compare the different brands for sharpness, strength, non-leaking mount, and protective packaging, which are the most important requirements. In our next issue we shall report the results of similar tests on re-usable needles and shall compare the two types. Most tests were based on the British Standards (BS) 3522:1962 ‘Specification for Hypodermic Mounted Needles (Luer Fitting)’1. We tested at least 125 samples of each brand, which we bought anonymously. We tested Size No. 12 if we could get it, and, if not, the nearest size we could - No. 2 or No. 15.

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