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Consumers’ Association has recently published a comprehensive book about medicines for the lay reader. Written by Rosalind Grant, Which? Medicine* relies heavily on information published in DTB of which she was Managing Editor for many years. The first part of Which? Medicine provides an account of how medicines work, their unwanted effects and the process by which medicines become available. The second has chapters on the common disorders of each body system and gives detailed information on the medicines available for their treatment. Both prescription and over-the-counter drugs are listed as are preferred treatments where there is choice. Patients, as consumers, demand, and have a right to, information about the medicines they take. This book, which is clear and easy to use, will provide many of the answers.

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  • * Grant, Rosalind. Which? Medicine. Published by Consumers’ Association and Hodder and Stoughton. Available from the Which? bookshop (359–61 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AL) and other bookshops, or from the Subscriptions Department, Consumers’ Association, PO Box 44, Hertford X, SG14 1SH. It costs £12.99 (p&p free).