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▼Lacidipine - a once-daily calcium antagonist for hypertension
  • Relevant BNF section: 2.6.2


In our recent review of calcium antagonists for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular disease we concluded that most patients could be managed with formulations of one of the original calcium antagonists, verapamil, diltiazem or nifedipine.1 Experience is greatest with these drugs, and none of the newer alternatives appeared more effective or better tolerated. Lacidipine (Motens - Boehringer Ingelheim) is the latest calcium antagonist to be marketed for the treatment of patients with mild to moderate hypertension. It is licensed for once- daily use without the need for a modified-release formulation; in this respect it resembles amlodipine. The manufacturer of lacidipine claims that its gradual onset of action "cushions the fall in blood pressure" and "cushions against side effects".

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  • Relevant BNF section: 2.6.2

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