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MS, Parkinson's disease and physiotherapy


In the UK, around 10-12 in every 10,000 people have multiple sclerosis,1,2 typical features of which include weakness, ataxia, spasticity and sensory loss. By comparison, around 16-18 in every 10,000 have Parkinson's disease, a condition typified by rigidity, bradykinesia, tremor and postural instability. Both conditions can limit function with, for example, nearly 25% of patients with multiple sclerosis and about 10% of those with Parkinson's disease being dependent on a wheelchair.2,3 Physiotherapy is widely used as part of a multidisciplinary approach to the management of multiple sclerosis, while 7-38% of people with Parkinson's disease are referred for physiotherapy.4 Here, we review the evidence for physiotherapy in the management of patients with either condition.

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