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▼Bevacizumab and ▼cetuximab for colorectal cancer
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Every year in the UK, around 16,000 people die from colorectal cancer, the second commonest cause of death from cancer in the UK after lung cancer.1 Over half of all people with colorectal cancer eventually die of metastatic disease.2 While median survival has increased with optimal use of combination chemotherapy,3,4 only a small minority of patients are still alive 5 years after diagnosis of metastases.5 ▼Bevacizumab (pronounced be-va-see-zoo-mab) (Avastin - Roche) and ▼cetuximab (se-tuks-ee-mab) (Erbitux - Merck) are two new monoclonal antibodies licensed for treating patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Here we assess their efficacy and safety.

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  • Relevant BNF section: 8.1.5

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