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Testosterone replacement therapy in older men: results of the T-Trials

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Review of: Yeap BB et al. Testosterone treatment in older men: clinical implications and unresolved questions from the testosterone trials. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2018; 6: 659–72.

Key learning points

  • A series of trials has assessed the effect of testosterone treatment for 12 months in men aged over 65 years who have low testosterone concentrations and androgen deficiency-like symptoms.

  • In the cardiovascular substudy, there was a small increase in coronary artery plaque volume in the testosterone treatment group compared with placebo.

  • Testosterone had no effect on cognitive function, a small impact on bone mineral density and improved haemoglobin concentrations.

Testosterone treatment in older men showed some benefit on markers of bone loss and anaemia in older men, but cardiovascular effects remain unclear.


The authors of this review analysed the results of trials that assessed the effect of testosterone in middle-aged men …

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