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Organisations that help patients and their families


A new pamphlet1 brings together 39 names, addresses and short self-descriptions of organisations concerned with about 30 chronic diseases, including ‘Drugs’ and ‘Narcotics’. Six other organisations are also listed that are more concerned with general aspects of patient welfare, especially that of mothers and babies. The bodies described range from pressure and publicity groups that for the most part also provide a service for people suffering from the diseases in question, to those whose purpose is mutual support for sufferers from very specific and relatively rare conditions, such as ‘Thalidomide’. The list is not claimed to be all-inclusive and additions to it are welcomed. No doubt further editions will mention the British Council for Rehabilitation, the Central Council for the Disabled and the Association for the Prevention of Addiction (previously, and rather more informatively, called the Association for the Parents of Addicts). The Patients Association has not attempted to evaluate the service provided by each organisation.

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