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Suppositories for non-specific proctocolitis: correction


In the issue of May 23rd, the second paragraph on p. 42 contained a dosage error. It should read as follows: In non-specific proctocolitis both retention enemas and suppositories containing prednisolone 21-phosphate (Predsol - Glaxo) effectively reduce inflammation. In a double-blind controlled trial, 2 suppositories each containing 5 mg of this drug used nightly for three weeks improved 14 of 16 patients, compared with only 9 of 23 in the control group given inert suppositories.1 Whether suppositories containing less steroid are effective is doubtful. Suppositories of sulphasalazine (Salazopyrin - Pharmacia) are also effective in non-specific proctocolitis.2

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