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Tablets of salbutamol and orciprenaline: correction


In the paragraph headed ‘Ventolin Tablets’ (20 Nov. 1970, p.95) lines 10 to 13 should have read thus: P. L. Kamburoff and F. J. Prime (Brit. J. Dis. Chest 1970, 64, 46) have confirmed the bronchodilator effect of 5 mg oral salbutamol. It is of the same order as that of orciprenaline 20 mg; in an earlier study (M. C. S. Kennedy & S. L. O. Jackson Brit. med. J. 1963, 2, 1506) 3 out of 12 patients had mild palpitations after this dose of orciprenaline, but were able to continue with the drug.

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