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Amoxicillin for childhood pneumonia: 3 days versus 7 days

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Key learning points

  • There is inconsistent evidence for the optimal dose and duration of amoxicillin for children with community-acquired pneumonia.

  • A non-inferiority trial compared two doses and two treatment durations of amoxicillin prescribed for children at hospital discharge.

  • There was no difference in the outcome of new antibacterial prescriptions for respiratory infection between treatment groups.

A double-blind randomised trial has shown that a shorter course of treatment using a lower dose of amoxicillin is non-inferior to a higher dose and longer treatment period for young children with uncomplicated community-acquired pneumonia (CAP).1


This double-blind randomised controlled non-inferiority trial recruited 824 children aged ≥6 months (range 6 months to 8 years) who were being treated in hospital for uncomplicated CAP.1 Children were eligible if they weighed 6–24 kg, had a diagnosis of uncomplicated CAP (defined as cough within the previous 96 hours, fever ≥38°C in the previous 48 hours and laboured breathing or …

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