Table: Cost of long-acting reversible contraception methods (excluding administration costs)

ProductStrengthDuration of actionCostCost per year
▼Jaydess IUS13.5mg3 years£69.22£23.07
Mirena IUS52mg5 years£88.00£17.60
Copper IUDA range of devices are available5 or 10 years£7.95–£27.11£0.90–£5.42
Etonogestrel implant (Nexplanon)68mg subdermal implant3 years£79.46£26.49
Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera)150mg/mL intramuscular injection12 weeks (+5 days)£6.01£30.05
Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Sayana Press)104mg/0.65 mL subcutaneous injection13 weeks (±7 days)£6.90£27.60
  • Costs based on prices in Chemist and Druggist and the Drug Tariff.