DTB peer review

Articles submitted to DTB are subject to peer review. The journal operates single blind peer review whereby the names of the reviewers are hidden from the author. The below outlines the various stages authors can expect:

  1. On initial submission the article is checked by the Editorial Assistant to ensure it meets the correct specifications (word count, number of references, etc) so that it can be sent to the Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor. If necessary the article will be returned to the author for any required edits.
  2. The Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor will determine if the article meets the content brief guidelines and style. The article will be returned to the author for any required edits or will be sent for peer review.
  3. The article is sent to a number of external peer reviewers (depending on the article type) and several internal reviewers (Associate Editors). When the required number of reviews has been received the Editors will consider the experts’ opinions and provide a summary of revision points. This process takes approximately 2-4 weeks.
  4. The author will be required to take into consideration the review comments and make any necessary revisions. The author must ensure their response and revised manuscript correctly addresses each of the reviewers’ and/or Editors points (DTB will require a tracked changes version). The author is provided with a 2 week deadline.
  5. On resubmission of the article the Editor in Chief and Deputy Editor will re-evaluate the article and suggest any final edits or accept for publication.
  6. At any point the article may be rejected if it does not meet the agreed specifications.